“Lauri Taylor’s dogged pursuit of what caused her mother’s mysterious death in Mexico’s hinterland has produced a remarkable manuscript about her long search for the truth despite encountering a maze of roadblocks on both sides of the American border. Taylor displays the skills of the best investigative reporters as she painstakingly searches for answers in dealing with the numerous frustrations that cops typically encounter in a cold case investigation, particularly one on foreign soil. 

“The Accidental Truth” displays all the raw emotion that besets a family when a loved one is lost to violence.  It is a well articulated, told, well written story the reader won’t soon forget.”

Pete Noyes, Investigative Journalist, 12-time Emmy Award winner, Author, NYT Bestseller Legacy of Doubt – Did the Mafia Kill JFK, and The Real LA Confidential


"A captivating and compelling story of perseverance, redemption and the undying love between daughter and mother."

Amy Bourret, Author, Mother’s and Other Liars


"Facing the truth can be painful—but Lauri Taylor’s story proves that not knowing is often worse.This is a moving, deeply felt tale.”

—Dr. Daniel Amen, New York Times best-selling author of ChangeYour Brain, ChangeYour Life and The Daniel Plan